Can the ones thirsty for wealth,
taste how is it to be thirsty for water?

INTO THE FLUFF is a design proposal for the ones who are, by the lack of care in the systematic production process, designers of our presents (and futures). Localities of the project are environments of garment mass production where heads of the fashion industry and politicians in corrupted governments are allowing their business progress to equal destruction for the other living organisms, leaving behind a broken environment.

Since there are always going to be victims of broken environments, as long as there are people in power who will do anything to stay at the top of the system, often not questioning existence of everyone else on this planet; I created design proposal for the ones that are responsible for the following facts.

“Textile dying is the second largest polluter
of fresh water globally, after agriculture.”

The environmental status between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, Aral sea, which used to be 4th largest lake in the world, 68 000 km2 (square kilometers) now is Aralkum dessert, as a consequence of Ecosystem collapse (loss of all biotic and abiotic features), because it lay next to an 8th largest cotton producer. Cotton uses more water than any other fiber, but it also uses a lot of pesticides, fertilizers which also damage the land and the soil where the cotton is grown.

The proposal I created  is a curated dining experience that emphasises the water scarcity created by the mentioned people with power for the local living creatures in the environments of mass clothes production. The dishes are to communicate the freshwater scarcity, its pollution and the dry damaged soil of the seabed, resulting in the polluted air.

A spoon of soup – Freshwater scarcity

Deconstructed canapé – freshwater pollution

Future gardens – damaged soil, polluted air

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