Selection of products made from the olive tree.

The olive harvest is a traditional activity on the Mediterranean, happening through October and November. The primary purpose is to collect olive fruit for olive oil production.

Olive gardens have been in my family for generations, but my father is particularly connected with them. He is the main person maintaining the trees and their surroundings, so there is enough air between branches, with the healthy soil underneath.

When I was younger, I only saw the harvest from a distance – when mother and I would bring marenda (Croatian word for a meal between early breakfast and lunch) to the hungry family and friends who enjoyed the action of picking the olives, but mostly came for the good company.

Air is fresh in early November, but sunny days warm us as if the winter is far ahead of us, and not just around the corner. Growing older, and living a more stressful lifestyle than the one by the sea when I was young, I realized how therapeutic olive picking is so I tried to get as many Novembers back home as possible.

Our olive oil and soparnik
Oil, cured olives, olive leaf tea

As I started to be one of the helping hands in olive gardens, I wanted to celebrate the olive tree as a whole, and have food ingredients from the fruit, as well as cozy tea from the leaves, and bowls made of wood to keep memories in. Keeping family tradition and a symbol of the Mediterranean in our gardens, kitchen, and living room.

Charred olive wood sculpture
Charred olive wood bowl

Until November,

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